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Contract Silk Screening

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Screen printing is a print process where a design or logo is transferred to a garment by way of a screen. Ink is transferred through the screen to the garment by moving the ink across the screen with a rubber squeegee to achieve the desired result. The overall process involves exact pressure contact with a garment, specialized inks and heat curing to create a long lasting design on a garment. Our quality control team inspects each garment  upon completion to ensure the garment meets our high quality standards.

Silk screening is an economical process in garment decoration. Your  logo design can be imprinted either as simply a left chest sized decoration, a full front size or perhaps full back size for maximum promotional exposure!  The size of the logo does not affect the printing cost, rather it is the number of colors to be printed that will determine the print cost. There are no additional charges based on coverage.

Silk screened garments such as tee shirts are an excellent way to promote your business, event or organization. They are an inexpensive solution that are sure to draw attention whenever they are worn. Silk screened garments are the perfect way to achieve excellent reproduction of your logo in vibrant colors. This is a washable process so that the logo design, when imprinted, becomes a permanent decoration on the garment.

Great designs start with great artwork!  Artwork needs to be provided to us in a Vectorized format  as either an Adobe Illustrator file .AI or .EPS.  Adobe Illustrator files create very sharp clean lines and are best suited for screen printing. We understand that not everyone can supply artwork that is ready for silk screening. We do offer an artwork service to convert your logo design into appropriate vector art if you need us to. We charge $ 45.00 per hour for custom artwork service. Most art can be completed within an hour depending on the complex nature of the design.

Once the screen printing design is completed, if involving multiple colors, each color must be separated which is a process called color separation. Each color of the design will have its own screen made. Each screen made involves a one-time charge.

Here are some cost saving tips when developing your design for silk screening :

  1. Print fewer colors as each color requires additional set-up time and materials.
  2. Printing darker color inks on lighter colored garments allows the print colors to remain bright and vibrant, and is more economical as it involves fewer steps.

We can custom screen print as few as 12 garments. Volume discounts are provided to lower your costs based on the number of garments you order at any one time.

View Contract Silk Screen Price List


Items typically silk screened on a regular basis are tee shirts, jackets, ball caps and bags.

The surface material of each item to be screen printed must be considered for best print results.

A smooth material without the interruption of sewn seams and zippers will permit for the best positioning of your logo design.

On occasion, it has been determined that some material fabrics are not suitable for printing. Please consult with us should you have any questions or concerns.


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