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Embroidered Emblems

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Embroidered emblems are a unique and versatile promotional item. The visual impact created through the use of embroidered emblems provides a low cost method of enhancing and maintaining a lasting image for companies, clubs, organizations, schools and associations. Embroidered emblems have become the premier way of identification. They have become the best means to capture maximum exposure and achieve utmost recognition. They are a colorful, distinctive and affordable means to customize uniforms, shirts, jackets and caps.

Emblems are commonly produced for outerwear, clothing and accessory items. They work great on uniforms, jackets, shirts, and caps when you need to make a lasting impression.

Some of the many satisfied clients that use embroidered emblems are police departments both large and small. Emblems are a trusted and distinctive approach to identify our country’s most respected uniforms. fire departments, ambulance services, EMT and rescue squads are required to be clearly identified. Embroidered emblems set these emergency personnel apart while on duty. Sports clubs and associations utilize embroidered emblems to identify their members at a glance both on a local and national level. Governmental agencies such as Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Public Safety Commissions, state and local agencies find embroidered emblems to be a vital form of identification when in service. Emblems are a natural item for souvenir and retail sales too! They have become sought after items at resorts and vacation spots the world over. They are used effectively when incorporated into premium and incentive programs. The premium dollar is much expanded by using this type of low cost item.

The many benefits of using embroidered emblems include:

  • Emblems are available in just about any size and shape.
  • Can save you as much as 50% over the cost of direct embroidery.
  • Allows you the ability of sewing the emblem on to existing garments without having to purchase a garment.
  • Removeable, without harming the garment allowing for reuse on other garments.
    Designed and manufactured for industrial laundering.
  • Hold up in very active environments such as industrial and healthcare fields.

TAPE CHARGE: There is no tape charge.

SET-UP CHARGE: There is no set-up charge.

COLORS: Includes up to seven stitching colors, an embroidered merrowed border edge, and a base fabric color.


ADDITIONAL THREAD COLORS: Add .20 / each ( P ) for each additional color up to 10.

METALLIC THREA: Add 20% for gold or silver metallic thread.

MINIMUM ORDER: 50 pieces.

SIZING EMBROIDERED EMBLEMS: Add the length plus the width and divide by two ( L + W divide x 2 = Size) Example: 4” + 2” = 6” divide by two = 3” size. For circular emblems, simply use the diameter.

DELIVERY: 3 to 4 weeks from placement of order or approved sample.

ARTWORK: Camera ready artwork is required. A full color drawing or actual sample can be supplied as artwork. Artwork can be submitted by email in a JPEG format. Design and artwork services are available at an additional charge. Artwork services will be quoted upon request.

Please consult with factory for quotation on sizes not provided.

View Emblems Price List

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